Cyber Clean - for Home & Office!

Cyber Clean - for Car Interior!

Cyber Clean - LeafCare!

Cyber Clean - Phono Care!

Cyber Clean - Screen Cleaning Tools

Cyber Clean - CameraCare!

The Original – the innovative high-tech cleaning compound for your home and office. Reaches into even the tightest gaps and absorbs germs and dirt particles without residue or releasing moisture. All dirt and dust is gone, leaving a revitalizing lime aroma.

Ensures practical hygiene on dashboard, seats and highly textured surfaces. Disinfects and releases your car from dust, dirt particles and germs without annoying glossy effects. Enjoy the fresh mint aroma on the road! 

The unique all-in-1 Camera cleaning and maintenance set – the best to clean and care your beloved camera and equipment with innovative and multifunctional tools. A must-have for every ambitious and professional photographer! 


The vinyl (r)evolution. Developed for the gentle cleaning and long lasting care of your precious records and delicate phono components. Mildly removes dirt deposits without releasing moisture and is anti static. Experience the audible difference! 

Take care of your loved indoor plants with Leaf Care providing a gentle and deep-pore leaf cleaning. Removes dust and provides a silky shine. Eliminates parasites and prevents reinfestation. Nourishes and strengthens your plants based on natural and biologically degradable ingredients. 

Extreme fitting and easy to use lint roller for home and travel. Removes loose dust, hair and germs of all surfaces and fabrics. You can wash your lint roller over 800 times and it is still ready for use. 

No more disturbing finger prints or dust on your screens. Clean and use your tablet, computer and smartphone from now on with style. At home with Desk-Pro or on the way with Stylus-Pro awarded with the Red Dot, a fantastic combination of touch pen and screen cleaner. 

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