Screen Cleaning Solutions

Can your screen be identified

by your fingerprints?

Sounds familiar: your tablet computer is being passed around everyone in your family until it resembles the fingerprint collection of a mid-sized police station. Or notice how using the back of your sleeve to wipe the screen of your smart phone just does not do the trick? What about in the office – does your colleague keep poking your screen while explaining the latest report?
Safety precautions and instructions for use: Use biocides with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

Solutions for every screen

Desk-Pro – three functions in one for quick and easy screen cleaning.
For cleaning tablets, desktop computer screens and smart phones; includes a precise and efficient spray and a hydrophilic, multi-layer fabric that clean as well as disinfect the screens. Comes with a docking station for easy storing after use.

Stylus-Pro – screen cleaning on the go.
Clean your smart phones and tablets and use it like a normal Stylus pen. Six different functions in one item; writing utensil for touchscreens, a precise and efficient spray and a hydrophilic, multi-layer fabric to clean as well as disinfect, refillable, lockable to avoid leakage during transportation, comes with a functional clip for attaching on the tablet’s cover.


How to use

Red dot award

Spray, wipe, experience!

Stains and fingerprints on your smart phone, tablet computer or screen do not only look messy but cause headaches and eye strain. The sensitive screens require regular cleaning applied with care. Cyber Clean Screen Cleaning Solutions remove dirt, dust and stains as well as disinfect, leaving your screens clean and polished.

Easy steps for clean screens

  1. Hold a distance of 10–15 centimeters and spray 2–4 times (for smart phones, 1–2 times) on the surface of the screen.
  2. Flip around and use the hydrophilic fabric on the backside of the device to wipe across the screen until the surface is completely dry.


All Cyber Clean Screen Cleaning Solutions come with a hydrophilic, multi-layer fabric and a cleaning liquid developed by JOKER Technologies. The highly absorbing multi-layer fabric has antiseptic properties while the alcohol-free spray repels oils and leaves your screens smelling fresh.

Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro receives prestigious red dot design award

Red dot design award is an annual accolade awarded by the German design institution “Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen” for the highest achievements in product design. Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro was able to win over the international expert panel in 2013 with its elaborate and innovative design. Criteria such as originality, brand recognition, design quality as well as aesthetics and general look and feel were the deciding factors in the evaluation. Over 4,600 works from 54 countries were submitted for consideration and only the best products were bestowed with this coveted award for aesthetic forms and lasting trends.