How to use Cyber Clean

Please observe the following general instructions and warnings when using any of the Cyber Clean cleaning compounds.

1. Remove Cyber Clean from its packaging. Knead it in your hands for about 10 seconds until your hands adjust to the pH value of the compound.

2. Simply press the compound on the surface you want to clean and pull out the dirt and germs. Do not rub!

3. Cyber Clean absorbs particles and germs and thanks to its membrane system these remain inside the compound

4. The trapped dirt will never migrate to your hands or other surfaces you clean with Cyber Clean.

5. You can reuse Cyber Clean several times until it changes color.

6. The color indicator on the packaging tells you when you need a new Cyber Clean: it is important to replace your Cyber Clean once it changes color as its absorption capacity decreases and the pH level changes.

7. Cyber Clean contains alcohol and water. To prevent the compound from drying out, it must be resealed inside its airtight packaging after use.

8. Make sure the equipment is turned off and disconnected from power supplies before you clean them. Use only fresh Cyber Clean when cleaning sensitive electronic equipment*. Use the compound only with dry hands and thoroughly knead it before use. Apply first gently on a small area.

9. Cyber Clean is not a solvent and cannot be used to remove stains. It removes loose dust and dirt particles as well as eliminates germs.

10. Cyber Clean does not remove oils and smudges off of surfaces, screens, etc. For cleaning all kinds of screens, please use the Cyber Clean Screen Cleaning Solutions.


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Cyber Clean Products

Home & Office – rid your equipment of germs.

Car – show germs the door.

Hypoallergenic – breathe easy in a clean house.

For Inside Shoes – kick out bad odors.

Screen Cleaning Solutions – spray, wipe, experience!

Tips and tricks for using Cyber Clean

Whether you are looking to clean your keyboard or disinfect your shoes; we have the right product for you! Visit our Cleaning Tips section for an insider’s guide to cleaning