How to stay healthy on holiday?

If there is a time during which no one wants to get sick, it is on holiday. Sadly, this is also a time when the risk of falling ill is the highest and staying healthy becomes difficult.

On holiday you are usually exposed to new environments and activities as well as new people. Whether you travel or simply meet people you didn’t see for long, you potentially expose yourself to new germs and bacteria and possible infections.

Traveling safe and healthy

Expanding your horizons through travel offers you lots of enriching experiences. You meet new people, discover new landscapes and cultures. Usually this also means being exposed to foreign bacteria through food, several modes of transport and new contacts. Staying healthy in a new environment becomes more difficult.


There are some simple steps you can take in order to reduce the risk of falling ill and enjoy a healthy holiday.


1. Clean your hands regularly. When you meet new people or touch dirty objects, you get in contact with foreign bacteria. Washing your hands regularly or disinfecting them with a hand sanitizer will prevent germs from spreading.


2. Be careful with new foods. Make sure that the food you eat has been properly cooked, avoid raw meat and vegetables. Locals can be used to certain types of germs and bacteria but it doesn’t mean that this is also the case for you.


3. Not everyone is as careful as you. Are you sure that the person you shook hands with cleaned his hands after going to the bathroom? You will probably be confronted with different modes of transport during your travels. All contain surfaces and objects that have been touched by hundreds or thousands of people before you. Disinfecting and cleaning those objects before touching them and using a hand sanitizer helps you steer away from infections.


4. Keep your body dry and clean. Hot and humid climates make it easier for germs and particularly fungi to grow. Drying yourself properly after a swim or a bath reduces the risks of fungi developing on your body.


5. Clean your shoes. Traveling can mean a lot of sightseeing, usually on foot. Depending on the level of activity, the amount of sweat within the shoes can amount to 0.2 liters a day. This humidity combined with bacteria can be the cause of various foot illnesses such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails as well as bad shoe odor. Disinfecting and cleaning your shoes with Cyber Clean after a long walk helps eliminate illness-causing bacteria.