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How to cut down sick days and improve efficiency?

It is common to see people take sick days, especially during flu season. However, each sick day represents a cost to the company and correspondingly an extra workload for those remaining in the office. Better office hygiene helps cut down sick days and in turn improve efficiency.

In the end, being sick is not fun for the employee nor for the employer. In the UK, for example, 63 million workdays are lost each year due to sick days. In an office environment where IT equipment is usually being shared, illnesses quickly spread. By maintaining better hygiene in the office, companies can reduce the number of sick days and in turn cut the costs resulting from absences.

How to increase hygiene at the workplace?

At work, efficiency and well-being of people depends on several criteria such as work load, general atmosphere and interaction with others. One essential aspect of productivity is well-being and hygiene at the workplace. People working in a healthy and comfortable environment are more inclined to feel motivated and experience less stress.

For the employee, better hygiene at the workplace translates into a better quality of life and enhanced well-being. For the employer, this ensures efficiency and less absenteeism. So, how to increase hygiene in the office?

Step 1 – disinfect regularly In an office environment, interactions between people are numerous. People share the same keyboards, printers, copy machines and telephones. Illness causing bacteria can spread through shared surfaces from one person to another. The key to staying healthy lies in office hygiene: If you stop germs from spreading, you can significantly decrease the risks of contagions.


It is important to clean and disinfect the whole office environment regularly. Using Cyber Clean on the most critical surfaces such as computer keyboards, printers and other shared devices, ensures effective hygiene and lowers the risk of infections.


Step 2 – provide tools for observing personal hygiene Another important factor in improving hygiene at the workplace is to provide employees with tools to observe their personal hygiene. In the bathroom, the soap dispensers must be germs free and always available. Each employee should also have access to disinfecting gels or wipes. Cleaning your hands regularly with soap or a good sanitizer is essential to prevent illnesses from spreading.